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Supvan SP-L70050S silver printing label, Silver label label roll for Supvan SP650E printerSupvan SP-L70050S silver printed label, 50mm wide, 70M/Roll
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Supvan SP-R130ESL ink cartridge, Supvan-SP650E cable card printer ink ribbonSupvan SP-SP-R130ESL ink ribbon, silver
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supvan-R130EGD ink cartridge, supvan printer ink SP650E
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supvan ribbon SP-R130EBU Supvan ribbon SP-R130EBU
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Supvan ribbon SP-R130EGN, Supvan ink ribbon SP-R130EGN, Supvan printer ink SP650E
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Cable ID Printers Canon MK3000 , 300dpi resolution
Cable ID Printers Canon MK3000 , 300dpi resolution
Cable ID Printers Canon MK3000 , 300dpi resolution

Cable ID Printers Canon MK3000 , 300dpi resolution

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The Canon MK3000 tube printer is often designed to print directly on PVC tubes, decal labels, and heat shrink tubes with high quality printing and durability. Highlights of this machine may include high print resolution, fast print speed, true color printing capabilities, and direct printing from storage devices such as USB.

  • Product code: Canon Mk3000
  • Brand: Canon
  • Origin: Japan
  • Warranty 12 months
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EU3234363840424446USXX5XSSMLXLXXLXXLArm Length6161,56262,56363,56464,5Bust Circumference8084889296101106111Waist Girth6165697377828792Hip Circumference87919599103108113118
  • Phone: 0939215809Phone: 0939215809
  • Skype: thaidainamSkype: thaidainam
  • Email: diendainam@gmail.comEmail:

Highlights of the Canon MK3000 tube printer

  Professional design from Japanese engineers: With heat transfer printing technology, it helps create beautiful printed products that are durable over time.


Great solution of Canon printers for electrical cabinet installation applications 

in-ong-canon-mk5000 result-in-canon-mk3000 pin-may-in-canon-mk3000
Fully meets your electrical cabinet printing needs MK5000 Direct Print & Flexible Content Design Software Integrated flexible rechargeable battery
Print on a wide range of marking materials and sizes from Ø1.5 to 10 mm, including flexible PVC tubing or heat shrink tubing and commercially available label tapes. The included PC Connection Kit application also supports CSV file formats, improving data conversion and productivity at different work sites. Note: Mk3000 Do not connect to the computer Helps you do construction on site even when there is no electricity. When fully charged, you can print up to 1,000 finished prints.

Technical specifications of  Canon MK3000 tube printer

Model MK3000 Accessories according to printing materials
Printing method Heat transfer printing Application for Printing Soft PVC Tubes/Heat Shrink Tubes
Quality Up to 300 dpi ung-dung-in-ong-may-in-ong-long-dau-cos-canon-mk3000
Print speed  
Tube Printing High speed: 25mm/s
Standard/normal: 18.5 mm/sec
Low speed: 12.5 mm/s
Label High speed: 25mm/s
Standard/Low speed: 18.5 mm/s Configuration included
Output speed *1 High speed: Approx. 35 pieces/minute 1- Printer MK3000 or MK5000
Standard/normal: Approx. 30 pieces/minute 2-Tube Warmer & Guide Tray 5060C003
Low speed: Approx. 21 pcs/min 3-Soft PVC pipe
Ink tape  

4-Printing ink: Printing ink 150M (5079C001) or 40M (5079C002)

Cassette tape Black: 100 m
White: 85 m Printing application on hard plastic tape
Font size 2 mm, 3 mm, 6 mm
(full-width, half-width for each type)
Input mode Characters, Symbols
Display LCD Graphic (160 x 64 dots) with backlight
Visibility 10 characters/line x 2 lines (full-width) or
20 characters/line x 2 lines(half-width) Configuration included
Internal memory   1- Printer MK3000 or MK5000
Print data Approximate. 2,500 characters 2-Tube Warmer & Guide Tray 5060C003
Files Approximate. 7,500 characters or 20 files. 3-Hard printed tape
Cutting function Automatic full-cutting, Automatic half-cutting 4- Printing ink: 40M ink (5079C002)
Power supply AC Adaptor
(input voltage: AC 100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz) Decal sticker printing application
Operating environment   canon-mk3000
Temperature 15 - 32.5°C
5 - 32.5°C (No Tube Warmer option installed)
Humidity 10 - 85% RH (no condensation)
Storage environment  
Temperature 5 - 35°C
Humidity 10 - 90% RH (No condensation) 1- Printer MK3000 or MK5000
Dimensions (W x D x H) (Approx.) Approximately. 250 x 300 x 85 mm 2- Băng in: 6mm, 9mm, 12mm
Weight (printer only) (approx.) Approximately. 2kg

4-Printing ink: Printing ink 150M (5079C001) or 40M (5079C002)

Printing Materials  
Type PVC Tube *2  with Tube attachment
Size ø 2.5 - 5.2 mm, 0.5 mm thick Beautiful-electric-cabinet-made-in-canon-mk5000
Heat shrink tube  
Type Heat shrink tube *3  with Tube attachment
Size 2:1 stretch: ø3.2 - 6.4 mm
3:1 stretch: ø3.0 - 6.0 mm
Label tape   
Type Cassettes (White, Gold, Silver)
Wide 6 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm
Long White, Yellow: 30 m
Silver: 27 m
Segment length Can be set from 8 to 150 mm
Bandage wrapped around  
Type Cassettes (8 m) or coils are commercially available with a choice of wrap-around tape guides.
Color Print area: White
Other areas: Transparent
Size Take-up length: 8 m
Length: 33 mm Icon-buy-hang

Segment length 8 - 150 mm (Depending on cutting settings)
4 mm ID Strip  
Type 4 mm ID Strip cassette (White)
Size Width: 4mm
Length: 5 m
Segment length Can be set from 8 to 150 mm
1. Print on 20mm tube, 5 large characters, continuous printing, cut in half.
2. Before using the tube, check whether the characters can be printed on the tube
3. Before using the tube, check whether the characters can be printed on the tube. Heat shrink tubing cannot be used with the Tube Warmer option.
Canon MK3000 tube printer accessories
Product code New Canon Ink Cartridge (For MK5000/MK3000 Only Image 
5079C001 Canon RC-TU150B ink cartridge, black printing cable tube, 12mm x150M/Roll  muc-in-canon-RC-TU150B-muc-may-in-canon-mk3000
5079C002 Canon RC-TP40B ink  , black printing cable tube, 12mm x40M/Roll
5080C001 Canon RC-TU85W ink, white, printed on cable tube 12mm x85M/Roll
  New Canon label printing tape (For all models)  
5061C001 Canon TM-LTC6W label printing tape, white 6MMx30M/Roll 3PCS/box  Label-printed -canon-TM-LTC9Y
5061C002 Canon TM-LTC9W label printing tape, white 9MMx30M/Roll, 3pcs/box
5061C003  Canon TM-LTC12W label printing tape, white 12MMx30M/Roll 3PCS/box
5062C001  Canon TM-LTC6Y label printing tape, yellow 6MMx3oM/Roll, 3PCS/box
5062C002 Canon TM-LTC9Y label printing tape, yellow 9MMx30M/Roll 3PCS/box
5062C003 Canon TM-LTC12Y label printing tape, yellow 12MMx3oM/Roll, 3PCS/box
  Canon ink cartridge (for MK1500 / MK2600)  
3604B001 Canon MK-RS100B ,CABLE ID RIBBON (BLACK) 12mm*100M (5PCS/BOX)  muc-in-canon-mk-rs100B



Transaction Address:  542/34 Nguyen Kiem, Ward 4, Phu Nhuan District, City. Ho Chi Minh
Phone:  08 62537221, Fax: 08 62537146 Email:
HP: 0939215809 -0916722247, Skype: thaidainam

Canon Mk3000
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Trân minh Tâm05/13/2024
Máy in tiện lợi cho việc lắp tủ điện tự động hóa

là một kỹ sư việt Nam Tôi hài lòng với việc sử dụng máy in Canon Mk3000 . Máy in này đã đáp ứng tốt công việc lắp tủ điện của tôi hàng ngày

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    Cable ID Printers Canon MK3000 , 300dpi resolution

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    Cable ID Printers Canon MK3000 , 300dpi resolution

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